Operational Excellence Consulting

Safety Excellence

The OPEX Safety Excellence Assessment identifies strengths, trends and opportunities for improvement. We use Six Sigma techniques, including injury data analysis,  field observations

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Reliability Excellence

The OPEX Achieving Reliability Excellence Assessment identifies strengths, trends and opportunities for improvement. We use Lean and Six Sigma techniques, including equipment downtime 

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Safety Raiser Newsletter

The Safety Raiser newsletter helps employees and supervisors identify and eliminate at-risk behaviors. An at-risk behavior is taking a chance or ignoring an established safety policy or

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Maintenance Excellence

For our clients, maintenance excellence is critical to achieving their financial objectives. Maintenance and operations personnel need to understand their roles and responsibilities in achieving efficient and cost effective maintenance of their equipment and facilities. Opex has the the personnel with world-class experience in both production and maintenance.

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Procedure Development

In order to achieve Operational Excellence, your people will need Policies and Procedures to guide and instruct their actions. OPEX has the experience and knowledge to create your Operational Excellence Policies and Procedures, including safety, quality, operations, reliability and maintenance.

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