Safety Raiser Newsletter

When management takes the time to talk about safety standards with their employees and contractors, they demonstrate commitment to safety... and there's no better way to improve safety performance.

The Safety Raiser newsletter is an excellent communication tool that's easy to read and understand. It uses relevant safety examples specific to your workplace. It provides constant reinforcement of safe work practices, and that's a critical part of reducing at-risk behaviors and decreasing injuries. Hand it out to supplement and enhance your current safety programs and processes.

Each issue of the Safety Raiser helps supervisors and employees identify and eliminate "at-risk" or unsafe behaviors.

An "at-risk" behavior is taking a chance with safety or ignoring an established safety policy or procedure. These behaviors cause more than 90% of all injuries - both at work and at home.

Examples of "at-risk" behaviors are:

Not following established safety procedures.

Not using correct lifting techniques.

Not wearing the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the job, such as safety glasses with side shields, gloves, etc.

Not keeping your "eyes on path" when walking.

Not wearing a seat belt when driving or riding in a vehicle.

Not using a handrail when climbing or descending stairs and ladders.

Not keeping your "eyes on work" when performing tasks.

We can customize your Safety Raiser newsletters for the specific safety and health issues at your business, facility or location. Include safety messages from the business owner, president, VP, director, plant manager, or anyone else. We can also include customized charts showing your own company's current safety performance - and safety improvement.

Safety Raiser newsletters cover at-work and off-the-job safety and health topics.

Manufacturing Safety

Show you are committed to the safety and health of your workers with our manufacturing safety newsletter. Learn key tips and strategies to avoid the risks and hazards specific to manufacturing.

Distribution Safety

Transportation and distribution of goods is a key part of your company's success. But a lot can go wrong. Educate your drivers and distributors with best practices to avoid accidents, lawsuits, and worse.

Home Safety

There's no place like home... for injuries. Accidents in the home take 21 million people to the ER every year. Yet most are preventable. Learn how to enhance the safety of your home and keep your loved ones out of harm's way.

Construction Safety

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries for workers. Demonstrate your commitment to safety on the construction site. It's fundamental to a happy, healthy working environment.



"Veolia Water North America selected the Safety Raiser as the medium to supplement other internal communications to our 2700 employees across the United States and Canada.  These one-page safety awareness bulletins are eye-catching, thought provoking, easy to read, and do an excellent job of combining proven safety strategies and practices with company-specific programs, activities and initiatives. Veolia Water chose to distribute the Safety Raiser on a weekly basis in a 10-week series and feedback from the recipients has been very favorable as facility managers and front-line supervisors use the document to comply with weekly toolbox/tailgate safety meeting requirements.  Having just concluded our third, 10-week series (Job Safety Analysis; preceded by Sprains & Strains and At Risk Behavior modules) - the published Safety Raisers are also posted on our intranet site to be used for new employee orientation or on-going refresher training as needed."

 -  Dan Ryan, CSP

EVP, Management Systems and Health & Safety - Veolia Water North America, LLC



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