Safety Excellence Assessment

Ninety-six workers died during the building of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s. Today there would be a major uproar if so many people were killed during a large construction project. Media scrutiny, a tanking stock, lawsuits, and worse.

There is a new safety reality.

Stakeholders - employees, regulators, communities, customers, insurers, government agencies and owners demand an ever-higher level of safety performance.

Yesterday's "outstanding" safety performance is today's expected standard and tomorrow's unacceptable safety performance.

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Safety Excellence is good business!

 Safety excellence leads to excellence in other critical areas, including improved quality, higher reliability and lower costs. Research shows that companies with top safety performance deliver products and services with the lowest costs and highest profitability.

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Proven Results:

OPEX has the demonstrated ability to significantly improve your safety and environmental performance. Take a look at these real results from OPEX client companies:

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Safety Excellence Approach

The OPEX Safety Excellence Assessment identifies strengths, trends and - most importantly - opportunities for improvement. Six Sigma techniques, including injury data analysis, field observations and review of existing safety programs, processes, policies and procedures to determine areas for rapid improvement at OPEX client companies.

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“OPEX, LLC conducted on-site health & safety assessments at select utilities operated and maintained by Veolia Water North America to assess the current state of our organization's safety culture.”

“Benefits of the assessment included improvement opportunities such as incident "data mining", tighter policies and procedures, discipline and recognition practices, behavior modification strategies, management training, and most importantly, a renewed commitment regarding employee responsibility and accountability at all levels of the organization.”

 -  Dan Ryan, CSP

  EVP, Management Systems and Health & Safety - Veolia Water North America, LLC



What is the leading cause of injury at your business?