Reliability Assessments


The OPEX Achieving Reliability Excellence  Assessment identifies strengths, trends and opportunities for improvement. We use Lean and Six Sigma techniques, including equipment downtime and cost analysis, field observations  and review of existing reliability programs, processes, policies and procedures, to determine areas for rapid improvement at OPEX client companies.

Reliability excellence leads to excellence in other critical areas including improved safety, quality, and lower cost. Companies with excellent reliability performance consistently deliver products and services with the lowest costs and highest profitability.

OPEX has the demonstrated ability to significantly improve your maintenance and reliability performance.


“OPEX conducted a Reliability Excellence Assessment at one of our major plants to evaluate the existing reliability and maintenance performance and culture. OPEX identified opportunities to further strengthen our reliability performance. These included streamlining and strengthening the reliability organization, improving our Root Cause Failure Analysis process and positively impacting our rotating and stationary equipment maintenance procedures and performance.

-  John C. Day

V.P. Environmental, Health,
and Safety

Henry Company



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