Manufacturing Safety

Show you are committed to the health and wealth of your workers with our manufacturing safety newsletter. Learn key tips and strategies to avoid the risks and hazards specific to manufacturing.  

Here is a list of potential topics you may wish to consider:

Report Near Misses

Continuous Improvement

Seat Belts Save Lives

Job Safety Analysis - JSA

Working Safely is a Condition of Employment

Safety - It's the Little Things That Count

Housekeeping is Important

Safety Accountability

Mind and Eyes on Task



Make Safety a Habit

Our Safety Attitude

Don't Let Safety Slip

What is At-Risk Behavior?

Hygiene for Health

Shop Safety

Safe Climbing Tips

Lock Out / Tag Out is Serious

Safety is Not a Slogan

Complacency Can Hurt


Are all Injuries Preventable?

Stop Overexertion before it Hurts

Can You Hear Me Now?

What Causes Injuries?

The Hidden Cost of Injuries

Safety Culture Checklist

Prevent Spills

Unsafe Acts Cause Injuries

Respirator Safety