The OPEX Advantage

OPEX is short for Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence is a strategy of continuous improvement in all key areas of an operation in order to deliver superior value to the customer. It's a proven approach for delivering the lowest operating costs with significant reductions in working capital.

It means a vision of safety, reliability and best practices that is handed down from leadership to management to the latest employee to join the team.

It requires:

  1. Strong, committed leadership
  2. Empowered and engaged employees, and
  3. Accountability from everyone in the organization

Let us help you achieve OPEX.

We are not your typical consultants.

We bring to the table many years of industry experience at all levels of the organization, from shop floor to senior executive and board room. We work with your team, using Six Sigma and Lean techniques to review current performance, gather data, analyze trends, find root causes, recommend improvements - and implement them.

We don't just give recommendations. We help you implement solutions and eliminate problems. We know how to solve real problems and get things done.

As a company, we at OPEX believe that safety, quality and reliability are the key drivers of superior performance.

We offer outside advice and creative solutions to improve the safety, quality and reliability of clients processes. We are dedicated to helping our clients improve their financial performance by achieving operational excellence in their manufacturing, supply chain and logistics operations.

Our core expertise is in:

  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refining
  • Power Generation

Our Services and Tools:

The lineup of OPEX proprietary services and tools help our clients achieve operational excellence.

  • Safety Excellence Assessment
  • Safety Raiser Newsletter
  • Reliability Excellence Assessment
  • Maintenance Excellence Assessment
  • Procedure Development
  • Safety Climate Evaluation 



 "Operational Excellence is when each and every employee
can see the flow of value to the customer,
and fix that flow before it breaks down."

~ The Institute for Operational Excellence



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